Monday, December 6, 2010

Apple Cup Rivalry

Local authors Jason and Debby Coleman have been competing their entire lives. Jason graduated from Sough Kitsap (Port Orchard, WA) in 1985 and Debby from Bremerton High in 1987. Their friends often joked that Wolves and Knights just didn't get along and their relationship would never last. Fast-forward their lives by a few years and they escalate their competing loyalties to the next level. Although neither of them attended a 4-yr university, Jason is a "purple-bleeding" Husky and Debby a tried-and-true loyal Cougar fan.

So it was extremely appropriate that on Apple Cup Saturday this year, they participated in a local authors book signing event at The Bethel Avenue Book Company, Port Orchard, WA, proudly sporting their team colors. None of this may be unique and eye-raising in these parts, except for the fact that they were signing copies of their newly released book, "Discovering Your Amazing Marriage."

Debby says, "Hey, we may disagree on the Apple Cup, but that's part of our message! Husbands and wives will disagree on many things throughout their relationship, but what is important is how you disagree and how you communicate and resolve those disagreements!" Jason adds that, "The majority of issues that any two people in a relationship have can be traced back to poor communication or unmet expectations. In our book we talk about the importance of communication and how to talk through disagreements and the various challenges we face." He went on to say that they specifically chose to wear their opposing team color jackets to the book signing to illustrate that even though there are times in all of our lives that we disagree with our spouse or our mate, we can choose to live in harmony, even with on-going disagreements.

Despite having split loyalties when it comes to schools and sports teams, Jason and Debby have been married for 21 years and their primary focus is to encourage others that marriage can be amazing and it is worth staying together. They have faced challenges in their relationship that go far beyond the pettiness of a football game and have chosen to stay together and make their relationship what it is today. They both say it’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it!

Jason quipped, "Every year when we put up our Christmas tree, the Husky and Cougar ornaments are hung at the same level...until the Apple Cup is played. After the game, the winning team ornament moves up to the top of the tree. My Husky ornament proudly moved up several branches this year!"

The book signing event featured more than half a dozen local authors and is an event the book store hosts twice a year. For more information on "Discovering Your Amazing Marriage" visit or amazon at